K2 Planning is widely recognized as an industry leader in the planning and development of community infrastructure. We have worked with clients across inner Melbourne, growth corridor locations and regional areas to develop models for community facilities that respond to the particular needs of local communities and the emerging interests of service providers.


K2 projects include:

  • Multipurpose facilities that support intergenerational programs and events;
  • Models of early learning center’s that also accommodate services such as family counselling and legal aid;
  • Retrofitting existing library facilities to accommodate youth services and employment and language classes for newly arrived refugees


We are committed to working with our clients to ensure that the design and location of community facilities responds well to the required service model and emerging social needs in each area.


Our recent community infrastructure projects include:

  1. Highett Integrated Early Years Hub Feasibility Study, City of Kingston 2020
  2. Preston Library Feasibility Study, Darebin City Council 2019
  3. Darebin Intercultural Centre feasibility Study, Darebin City Council 2019
  4. Highett Gas and Fuel Site Community Infrastructure Assessment, City of Kingston 2019
  5. Clayton Business Park Community Infrastructure Assessment, City of Kingston 2019
  6. Hampton Major Activity Centre, Community Infrastructure Needs Assessment, Navire and Bayside City Council 2019
  7. Spotswood Social Needs Assessment, Hobsons Bay City Council 2018
  8. Clayton Town Centre PSP Community Infrastructure Background Report (with Tract), Monash City Council 2018
  9. Cranbourne Town Centre Community Infrastructure Analysis, City of Casey 2017
  10. Hampton Park Community Infrastructure Assessment, City of Casey 2017