Our Team

Dr Kate Kerkin - Director

PhD, M. Public Policy, BA (Hons 1)

Kate has over 25 years’ experience working in the urban development sector including: 10 years successfully running K2 Planning; working as a Principal and growing social planning teams within large private sector consultancies; and lecturing, research and course development in the University sector. Kate’s brings highly developed skills in understanding complex social issues and identifying effective local and regional responses. She is committed to working with all stakeholders involved in the planning and policy sectors to respond to social issues in innovative and effective ways. Kate takes great pride in the fact that K2 Planning has successfully planned a range of community facilities including libraries, early learning centers, intergenerational facilities and arts and culture facilities across Victoria. K2 Planning projects are supported through close working relationships with the following people and organizations:

Jess Noonan - Principal Planner Tract Consultants

Tract is a national planning and design practice specialising in town planning, urban design, landscape architecture and associated digital media. K2 Planning has worked closely with Jess and other members of the Tract team on a number of projects providing expert advice on community facility requirements that will support larger planning projects. Kate and Jess have worked together to document current and emerging social needs in local areas and the implications of these needs for local and regional community services and facilities.

Rhys Rappel - Principal Rappel Design Studio

Rhys is a registered architect who has run his own practice since 2013 after a range of previous roles including fifteen years as a partner with Haverstock Associates in London. Rhys has worked with K2 Planning to develop site specific plans for community facilities that respond to the local needs of the area and the challenges of specific sites. Rhys provides innovative and site sensitive design responses that inform the built outcomes of many of the strategic projects produced by K2.

Darren Hall - Director FOUR18 Architects

FOUR18 Architecture is a client focused architectural practice committed to providing design outcomes that are innovative and functional. As Director of FOUR18, Darren is a registered Architect with more than 23 years’ experience in private practice. FOUR18 has worked with K2 Planning on a range of projects including: municipal wide plans for innovative early year’s facilities; retrofitting of Council owned facilities to develop multi-purpose and intergenerational community hubs; health master plans in fast changing growth corridors, and intercultural centres in areas of emerging cultural diversity.

Marianne Stoettrup - Principal Economist Matters More

Matters More is an economics consultancy, specialising in land use economics. As Principal Economist at Matters More Marianne has assisted K2 Planning by providing feasibility assessments of proposed community infrastructure plans, including identifying costings for redeveloped and refurbished public infrastructure, or opportunity costs linked to site and facility disposal. Marianne’s work informs the costing of both structure plans and community infrastructure strategies.