K2 Planning also actively supports a range of not for profit organisations including:

North West Youth and Family Services
Development of a new crisis accommodation center for young people in Melton, Victoria. K2 Planning provided pro-bono support documenting demand for the service and facilitating key stakeholder workshops.

Creative Geelong

Development of a new creative hub in central Geelong including pro-bono support of a local community survey documenting the benefits of the new hub.

Sirovilla Retirement Village
A not for profit retirement village providing affordable housing for lower income households – Dr Kate Kerkin is Deputy Chair of the Sirovilla Board and an active participant in the development of a place-making approach to affordable housing for lower income older years residents.

Deakin University Architecture and Planning Programs 
Kate is a member of the Course Advisory Committee for Building and Planning at the Deakin University, including provision of the annual K2 Planning student award for innovative social planning research, and co-authoring a new book entitled ‘Geelong’s Changing Landscape: Ecology, Development and Conservation’.

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